About ChinChin

Since 1972, ChinChin has been nourishing families. ChinChin’s products taste great and are easy to love. Our passionate team seeks out the best real ingredients Mother Earth has to offer.

Alireza (Bijan) Qodstinat established ChinChin Agro-Industry Company in 1972. Back then, ChinChin was the first domestic company to produce tomato paste and a pioneer of industrial production of various jams and juices. Upon its establishment, tomato paste, jam and juice production equipment were imported from Italy and installed by European experts.

After the Islamic Revolution, the facility turned into a state-run company until 2009, when Arya Melal Zarrin Production Group offered to buy ChinChin facility. As a major investor in food industries, the group embarked upon renovation and equipment of ChinChin facility. In 2010, ChinChin International was added to the operating set to produce tomato paste.

Currently, ChinChin Agro-Industry and ChinChin International together produce more than 800,000 cans of tomato paste a day that makes them one of the biggest facilities of their kind.

Modern equipment, advanced quality control laboratories and expert, dynamic work forces made it possible for the company to acquire national and international certificates, turning ChinChin into a pioneer brand in tomato paste production that maintains a major share of the domestic market.

Having a brand development outlook based on R&D results and market demands, Arya Melal Zarrin Production Group planned a comprehensive initiative to diversify ChinChin product mix to include 45 products. With such plans underway, ChinChin will start exporting its products to Europe, Middle East, Persian Gulf and Central Asia in near future.

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